Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is pretty chill at my house, it always has been. I’m watching TV with my mom right now. We have dinner here but it’s not an all day ordeal or anything. It’s not like we don’t try to do anything for her its just not very extravagant and it’s not like she’d want […]

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My mom and I went shopping yesterday. It was nice we hadn’t been in a while and I needed some new dresses for grad parties and when we go to Europe this summer. I need to do more shopping before then. I’m going with my mom and grandma for graduation to London, Paris, and Greece. […]

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In a little over a week Kayleigh and Sonia are coming to visit. They live in Chicago and are coming down because Kayleigh’s mom is going to a wedding and Sonia (her grandma) was my mom’s college roommate. Kayleigh is in preschool and I haven’t seen her in forever. She’s so adorable and I can’t […]

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My engineering classes have always been fun ones and not too stressful, until now. I figured EDD would be ┬ámore so than in the past, but I never figured that aerospace would be this stressful. We did not have enough time to finish our major project because we spent so much time doing random little […]

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AP Exams

Well I took my last AP exam ever today and I am still brain dead. I’m supposed to take two more this week, but I can’t get credit for them so I got them refunded. At least I don’t have any others to worry about. This exam wasn’t awful, easier than I thought it’d be […]

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Eighth Grade

Yesterday I got back my letter from my eighth grade self. To be honest it was less interesting than I thought it would. Other than the people I am very close to, not much has really changed. I talked about loving cheer and dance, being friends with Madison, not liking some people I still don’t […]

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As the end of the school year approaches, so does AP exams and all of the end of the year projects. Luckily I am only taking of the the exams for my three AP classes. The other credits wouldn’t transfer for my degree. Still, AP Psychology has taken over my life. Our review guide has […]

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